Fourth of July Stars Sparkler printable

Be ready for the holiday with our Fourth of July Stars Sparkler printable!

Free sparkler printable for 4th of July-sparkler-printable-main-1post by Sara

Our family loves the Fourth of July. We spend the holiday with wonderful friends in Lake Tahoe.  This has been a tradition for many years. Tahoe in the summer is my favorite – mountains, lake and blue skies! We go to the beach to watch multiples towns’ fireworks across the lake. Breathtaking!

Melissa designed these amazing printables to use as a favor for the festivities – a sparkler sleeve. What a fun way to jazz up the basic sparkler. 

These are perfect to use as a party favor if you are hosting a 4th of July party. 

Read more to download the printable…

Supplies: sparklers (10 in) // card stock // printer // scissors // x-acto knife // sparkler printable


1. Download the sparkler printable and print on card stock paper. Click the all caps “sparkler printable” and it will take you to a new page (comments page). Click on the all caps sparkler printable again and it will become a pdf that you can print!

2. Cut the sparkler sleeves. Using an x-acto, cut two 1.5 in openings above and below the text.

3. Slide the sparklers in between the two opening.

sparkler.printable // on aliceandlois.com

sparklers.printable // on aliceandlois.com*I used an extra sleeve to make the match box by cutting the dimensions of the box and glueing.

Happy Fourth of July!


All photos by Sara Albers for alice & lois design studios.

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  1. Can you personilize the sparkler holder to say Thank you on the bottom of sparkle and shine?
    Or possible leave blank for me to Type?

    1. Hi there – thanks for reaching out. We cannot add anything to this printable.

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