Sep 13 2013
Friday Crush – Handmade Dolls
Post by melissa fenlon

Friday Crush – Handmade Dolls on www.aliceandlois.comLike most four-year-old girls, Calla loves her dolls. She has baby dolls, her favorite BlaBla and countless stuffed animals. I’ve been taking notice which ones become her favorites… the ones that get to tag along to the playground and the grocery store. There’s always a story that goes along with the one she chooses. They become a part of childhood. But there’s something so special about a handmade doll. I’ve rounded up some of my favorites, and Calla’s too!

1. Little Red Riding Hood from Viola Studio’s Etsy shop

2. April Girl Doll from BlaBla Kids

3. Eleanor the Bear from the Walnut Animal Society

4. Adorable pink haired girl from Roving Ovine’s Etsy shop

5. Jess Brown’s pixie doll on Land of Nod

Enjoy the list… and let us know if you have any special favorites!


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