Halloween Activities for Teens

Although Halloween is fun, at some point you will reach the teenage years where your friends suddenly decide they are too old to trick or treat. At the same time, you feel like it is a night that you should be doing something enjoyable as opposed to sitting in.

However, you are still too young to drink and probably do not drive. What can you do on Halloween night? Here are some great ideas for older kids and fun Halloween games that are lots of fun.

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Halloween is an exciting time for teenagers and little kids to gather with their friends and celebrate in spooky style. Planning a teen-friendly Halloween party with a few Halloween party games and fun Halloween activities can be a fun and creative way to take this holiday to the next level.

With so many great Halloween activities and fun ideas, it’s easy to create an unforgettable experience. From a fun halloween party game to delicious treats, there are endless ways to have a blast with your friends. We’ll explore some of the best Halloween party activities and ideas that are sure to make your teen spooky theme Halloween party a hit and .

If your friends enjoy dancing, you can always throw a masquerade dance party. You can use a sound system for music and ask friends to being a dessert or appetizer.

If your friends are interested in making money, send out neighborhood flyers offering to take children trick or treating for cash. Some parents may have spouses away and will not be able to give out candy and take out their children.

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Some favorite Halloween Activities for Teens

Host A Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Invite friends over and divide them into teams. Each team must find Halloween related items within a specified time period. Items should not require driving, but they can require going outside. Furnish each team with a bag and a digital camera.

Ideas for this classic game may include: (a photo of a parent and child wearing similar costumes, plastic spiders, a witch’s hat, a stuffed black cat, something Harry Potter owns, a pumpkin that is small, a gourd, a Halloween book, halloween candy, and so on.) Try to list about twenty-five items.

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Consider Hosting A Mystery Who-Dun-It Party

Many online companies offer complete kits. Many are between twenty-five and forty dollars and have teen themes. The whole game will come right to your computer and is easy to print off. Just send out the invitations and each guest will come as a character. A typical game takes two to three hours.

Consider Volunteering With Your Friends On Halloween

Non-profit organizations may be delighted to have teens help out in costume for Halloween. Contact local organizations in your area or try looking at a volunteer website to get ideas in your area. You can also volunteer to work at a haunted house.

If Your Friends Live Close By, They Can Have A Progressive Dinner

They can go to one house for appetizers. They can go to another house for pizza or sandwiches and a final house for dessert. (Who knows? Maybe you will all pick up a few treats on the way as well.)

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Host A Karaoke Party In Your Living Room

Give out sheets to rate the singers. Give extra points to anyone who sings a Halloween themed song.

Haunted House

If you have an empty garage or attic, consider letting your teen turn this space into a haunted house for his friends. Black lights, fog machines and eerie background music can easily set the tone for a spooky Halloween experience. Your teen can have fun making decorations like cardboard tombstones, shadowy background figures, curtains splattered with fake blood or paper mache bones.

Scary Movie Night Marathon

Teens who love horror movies might enjoy having friends over for a movie marathon. Show scary movies like the Nightmare on Elm Street or Friday the 13th series. Instead of popcorn, gummy worms and licorice for your spooky movies, serve creepy Halloween treats like a cheese ball made to look like a human brain or punch served from glasses that appear to be dripping with fake blood made from corn syrup and food coloring.

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Ghost Stories With A Halloween Theme

Camping at a nearby park can be a spooky Halloween experience for teens who are too old to go trick or treating. Teens can build a fire and tell ghost stories in an effort to see who is the best at scaring the members of the group. Some parks also have special Halloween-themed nature hikes that teens can attend.

Zombie Walk And Costume Contest

Zombies have become pop culture icons. Celebrate Halloween by having teens use ripped clothing, face paint and fake blood to transform themselves into zombies halloween costumes. Let them practice their best zombie walk before attempting to scare their classmates with an unexpected visit.

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Ouija Board

Attempting to contact spirits is a popular spooky Halloween activity for kids of all ages. A Ouija board is a flat board that features the letters of the alphabet and the numbers 0-9 as well as the words “yes,î “no,” “hello” and “goodbye.” Players attempt to make the planchette move across the board in order to receive messages from ghosts. If you want to let your teen experiment with a Ouija board on Halloween, however, try to find a used board at a thrift store instead of buying a new one. Obvious signs of use make the board seem spookier than one that is fresh out of the box.

halloween activities for teens

Teens often experience this kind of betwixt-and-between dilemma. Teens who are too old to go trick-or-treating might feel left out of many of the unique festivities on Halloween. They see their little brother or sister dress up for trick-or-treating, and they see adults dress up for special Halloween or masked parties that serve alcohol. Yet, for teens, what do they do? Plan a few age-appropriate, yet spooky activities tailored for your teen and his friends to let them celebrate Halloween.

Teen Halloween parties are all about creating a fun and memorable experience for everyone involved. By incorporating these great Halloween activities and teen Halloween party ideas, you are sure to throw the best Halloween party in town.

From a great game to creative costume contests, there are so many ways for teens to have a blast during this festive season. So, gather your friends, choose your favorite Halloween games, and get ready for a night of much fun and celebration. Let the spooktacular festivities and the Halloween fun begin!

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