Mar 23 2015
DIY Handmade Bunny Purse
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DIY Bunny Purse sewing tutorial | alice & lois

Every season, I always seem to dream up some new sewing project. Now that Easter is right around the corner my project just had to be bunny inspired. I created an easy sewing tutorial for a DIY handmade bunny purse – perfect for a girl’s Easter basket. I used grey linen fabric for the exterior of the bag and a pink and off-white triangle print from minted’s fabric line for the lining.

Bunnies really are the cutest little things. There’s still time to make your littles this vintage bunny iron on shirt and these bunny clay bowls from our archives.

Read more for the bunny purse full tutorial…

handmade bunny purse tutorial on

Supplies: Grey Linen Fabric 1/2 yard // 1/2 yard printed cotton fabric // Fusible Interfacing // Fusible fleece // sewing machine // fabric paint pen // scissors // thread

handmade bunny purse sewing tutorial on

1. Download and print the bunny purse template. Cut two bunnies from grey linen.  The bunny template is 11 in  x 7.5 in

2. Cut two bunnies from printed liner fabric. Cut four bunny piece interfacing. For extra sturdiness for bunny ears, cut four pieces of fusible fleece interfacing.

3. Iron interfacing to wrong side of fabrics.

4. Iron the fleece interfacing to the back side of the bunny ears. Pin right sides of fabric together. You will do the next steps for the front and back of the purse.

handmade bunny purse tutorial

5. Sew pieces together using 1/4 in allowance, leaving a 2.5 in opening on bottom to turn. Notch the edges by clipping with scissors.

6. Pull the right sides out through the opening.

7. Press and stitch the opening closed.

8. Next, make the strap. Cut strap 2 in x 36 in long. Stitch using 1/2 in allowance and trim. Inside out the strap. You can also use the technique of folding the fabric in half, and in half again and press. Then sew 2 or 3 straight long stitches.

9. Next, pin the right sides of fabric pieces together. Pin the ends of the strap between the rights sides of fabric (see photo 9). Sew together using a 1/4 in allowance. Leave the top of the bunny open.

10. Using a paint pen or fabric pen, draw the bunny face. You can also choose to leave the purse plain.

DIY Bunny Purse from alice & lois

diy bunny purse sewing tutorial on

handmade bunny purse sewing tutorial

Photos by Sara Albers. All rights reserved.


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