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Handmade Circle Weaving Loom

Handmade circle weaving loom

Did you know that you could make your very own weaving loom? We used an embroidery hoop and cording to create our own loom! The girls are obsessed with it and want to make a super sized loom from a hula hoop! This project was created for the Craft Supply of the Month for FUN365 site. You can find the full tutorial right here. We love how the circle weaving looks – something a little different from our last few weavings.

Harper and I love to weave together, making a special piece of art as a pair. We take turns with colors and textures of yarn to create one-of-a-kind art! This Handmade Circle Weaving Loom could make such a sweet gift. You could make the loom and give in a basket with different colors and weight of yarn. Tis would make such a thoughtful and personal gift, don’t you think? We are going to make some more of the circle weaving and hang in a trio in the hallway.

handmade weaving loom from embroidery hoop

handmade circle weaving loom

Photos by Sara Albers. 

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