Handmade Holiday Wreath

learn how to make this gorgeous bay leaf and berry holiday wreathpost by Sara

Is it me, or is everyone already humming Christmas tunes all day long? I’m getting into the holiday spirit this year by making my own wreath. I was so inspired while browsing through my local flower mart. I picked up a huge bunch of bay leaf branches and dried berries to create this one of a kind holiday wreath. You could use any kind of greenery, branches, herbs and dried flowers to create your wreath. This DIY wreath project would make the perfect craft night with some girlfriends this holiday season. Now – if you do not want to take the time to make a Handmade Holiday Wreath, you can buy them online like this one or this.

Read more for the full tutorial.DIY-wreath-supplies-2

Supplies: bay leaf branches // berries // floral wire // wire wreath ring  // sharp scissors


Step 1: Cut sections of bay leaf branches. I found it best to use three small sections about 5 inches long. Wrap the ends together with floral wire.

Step 2: Section off some berries and attach to bay leaf section with wire.

Step 3: Hold the section up to metal wreath ring and wrap securely with wire.

Step 4: When adding new sections, make sure to cover the wire completely.

Step 5: Repeat these steps until the wreath is full.

Step 6: Trim and secure as necessary.

holiday wreath DIY


learn how to make this bay leaf and berry wreath

make this gorgeous bay leaf and berry holiday wreath

handmade holiday wreath

photos by Sara Albers. Modeling by Melanie Lombardi. all rights reserved.

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  1. Ooooh! I want to do this! Invite me to your next craft night!! 😉

    1. Hi Brenna – I got my bay leaf branches at the flower market in SF. You could call your local florist.

  2. Thank you, sara! I was just told the wreath I ordered in November was sold out (It wasn’t sold out in November!) and I was SO disappointed. And here is your wonderful site with a beautiful wreath idea that makes the possibility look so easy. thank you. Great pix, too!

  3. I want to thank you for posting the Many ideas for diY wreath’s. I don’t always see sites showing perfect step by step instructions!
    All i can say is – thank you!!


  4. Do you use fresh Bay leaves and berries or can they be purchased in a craft store?

    1. HI there – I used fresh bay leaves and berries, but you could definitely use faux. I am not sure if faux bay leaves are available in craft stores, but I am sure you could find something very similar.

  5. Beautiful! Are those fresh bay leaves? Where would one pick those up?

    1. yes, they are fresh bay leaves I got at my local flower mart (in san francisco).

    1. I got the bay leaves from a local flower mart. Often Trader Joes has the bay leaves and berries as well!

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