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Holiday Sugar Cookie Forest

christmas.cookies.trees // aliceandlois

It is a family tradition to make sugar cookies for Christmas. We wanted to try something a little different this year. We dreamed up making a forest of tree cookies.

You can get the homemade sugar cookie recipe here from a Valentine’s cookie post we did last year. We seem to make these cookies for every holiday!

See how we did it…

christmas.cookies.trees // alice and lois

Supplies: scrap piece of wood // sugar cookie dough // tooth picks // thumb tacks

Step 1: Insert tooth picks in bottom of tree shape cookies and bake in oven.

Step 2: Using thumb tack, push into wood base where you want the trees to be placed.

Step 3: Cool and ice cookies. Push into small holes.

I love how the little cookie forest turned out!

Happy Holidays!

christmas.cookies // alice and lois


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