Oct 8 2020
Homemade Simple Syrup Recipes
Post by melissa fenlon

We are big fans of mixing up cocktails at home, and one of our secret weapons is making our own simple syrups.


We shared three of our favorite Homemade Simple Syrup Recipes over on Hunker. You can find our go-to recipes for vanilla, cinnamon and an orange simple syrup, along with a delicious Cinnamon Apple Moscow Mule recipe. 

Making Simple Syrups

If you’ve never made your own simple syrups, you must give it a try. Water, sugar (or honey) and natural flavors such as citrus or spices create the perfect sweet addition to your drinks. Our orange honey simple syrup adds the best kind of sweetness to your margarita and the cinnamon syrup creates a seasonal twist on a Moscow Mule. 

All you need is sugar or honey, some airtight glass bottles, like these swing top bottles and a little imagination! Next on this list is a spicy jalapeño simple syrup to kick up our homemade cocktails a notch!





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