How to Dye Easter Eggs with Rice and Food Coloring

If you are anything like us, we absolutely love unique techniques in creating beautiful Easter Eggs. Today, we are sharing a fun technique that uses uncooked rice and gel food coloring.

DIY speckled easter eggs
DIY Speckled Easter Eggs

The color combinations are endless in this craft project.This is also such an easy way to dye Easter eggs with little kids with less mess! The whole family will enjoy this.

The rice and food coloring technique gives a speckled look. You can do one color or multiple colors. The possibility are endless.

For some, this might be a new way to dye eggs, but for others they might have done this rice shake method in grade school art class! Aww, the memories.

Over the years, we have decorated Easter eggs countless ways. Like our DIY Marbled Indigo Eggs using nail polish and water! And who can forget the Fabric Wrapped Easter Eggs! We have a thing of Easter Eggs!

supplies for easter egg dyeing using rice and food coloring

DIY Rice Dyed Easter Eggs Supplies

Eggs (w love using craft eggs, but hard-boiled eggs work too)

Bag of rice

Plastic bag (ziploc bags work great)

Food coloring (we love this kind)

Disposable gloves

Paper towel

colored rice

What kind of food coloring to use for rice dyed eggs?

We love using gel food coloring dye. But you can also use (liquid) regular food coloring as well. We felt that the gel dye gave a richer color, but the liquid was pretty too. But sometimes liquid food coloring comes in more unique colors. We have not tried natural dyes, but would be fun to do.

What kind of eggs to use for speckled easter eggs?

We love to grab the $5 faux craft eggs at Target every spring. They are so easy to use! But hardboiled egg

White eggs are best, as the color will be brighter and bolder. You can use brown eggs, but note that the colors will be darker and almost a little duller.

What kind of rice to use to make speckled eggs?

Inexpensive white rice is perfect for this project. Grab whatever you might have in your pantry. Minute rice, Jasmine rice or even brown rice will work.

speckled eggs in basket

How to Dye Easter Eggs using Rice and Food Coloring

First you want to prepare your working surface. We recommend placing paper towels or even a disposable plastic party tablecloth on your table or kitchen island.

Next, fill the ziplock bags with one to two cups of uncooked rice. We like using the quart size bags. But if you are dyeing multiple eggs in each bag, I would go with the gallon size. Add about 5 drops of food coloring to make the colored rice. Mix together by massaging the outside of bag together. The more dye, the deeper the color when dyeing the eggs.

DIY speckled easter eggs

Color Notes:

If you want to use different colors together, you can add multiple colors of dye in rice bag. We like to add the first color to bag and mix up the rice. Then add about half of the second color to bag and mix.

Now it is time to add the eggs. Place egg in baggie. Try to remove excess air in the bag and seal. Press the rice onto egg (from the outside of bag so your fingers do not get dyed)! Add more color if needed.

DIY speckled easter eggs using rice and food coloring

Wearing a glove, remove egg from bag and place in an egg carton to dry. Or you can place the egg into a different bag with a new color to get your desired color combo. This is the best part in our opinion. Seeing the colorful easter eggs with all of the extra vibrant colors.

speckled easter eggs using rice and food coloring

The entire family will enjoy this rice and food coloring dye method this Easter! The end result is stunning. This is a great technique that gives each egg its own unique look.

DIY speckled easter eggs using rice and food coloring

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