Aug 16 2021
How to Make a Modern Flower Arrangement
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Learn how to make a modern flower arrangement using our tips and tricks!

flower arrangement brass bowl

Have you ever wondered how florist make the modern, organic, flowing flower arrangements? Today, we are excited to share our tips and tricks on how to get the same look. You do not have to be a professional to do it! 

You might remember the dried floral arrangement we made with our DIY Cane Vase project. We love the look of organic dried florals. 

How to Make a Modern Flower Arrangement

The key (in our opinion) is to keep the arrangement looking organic, asymmetrical and fluid. It is also important to use different textures and sizes of flowers. Using store bought and foraged flowers and grasses is key! 

Tips and Tricks to a Modern Flower Arrangement

Keeping stems secure 

We use chicken wire grid (or regular chicken wire) and cut it to fit the bowl or vase. This way you can place stems into an opening to keep secure. 

floral arranging

Vessel or bowl 

The vessel is such an important element of the arrangement. We found ours at World Market. 

modern flower arrangement

flower arrangement brass bowl

How to Make a Modern Flower Arrangement

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Active Time: 25 minutes
Total Time: 35 minutes

Learn how to make a Modern Flower Arrangement like the pros!


  • flowers (store bought and foraged)
  • chicken wire grid
  • bowl or vessel


  • wire clippers


1. Gather flowers! We love to get flowers and greenery at Trader Joes. Mix and match varieties for the most texture, size and shape. You can also mix in foraged greenery from your garden or yard.

2. Place the opening of hte vessel on top of the chciken wire and mark the perimeter with sharpie.

3. Cut a piece of chicken wire just a bit larger (about a half inch) than the opening.

4. Fold down the edges of the chicken wire and place into the vessel.

5. Start placing flowers into the chciken wire. We like to start with the left side, then place front middle section, then the right. Then continue to place flowers in the middle.

6. Continue to place longer stems on the sides to give it an assymetrical look. You want it to look organic and fluid. See the video for more details!


The vessel you choose is key! We love the brass look of the one we used. You want to look for a low profile bowl, with a smaller mouth or opening than the bottom.

Make sure and check out the video we made for Instagram of how we made the floral arrangement! 


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Photos and video by Sara Albers and Melissa Fenlon


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