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How to Use Onion Skins to Dye Fabric

If you are looking for ways to dye fabric naturally, you have come to the right place! See how to use onions to dye fabric today.

pastel cloth napkins

If you have been following along on our blog journey over the years, you know that we love dyeing projects! We have used natural indigo dye to make so many projects (like pillows and dish towels), turmeric spice to make dish towels, hibiscus leaves and more. 

We are really into using powdered dye for ice dyeing project too. Remember the ice dyed tote bag or sweatshirts? There is something so exciting about creating designs and colors on natural fabrics! 

How to use Natural Dyes on Fabric

It is best to use natural fabrics when using natural dyes. Makes sense, right? Cotton, silk and linen are wonderful fabrics to use. 

 Natural Dyeing tips: for dyeing include prepping your fabrics (washing and allowing to be completely saturated for dye process). Prepare your natural dye by simmering whatever skin, seed, leaf, etc that you are using.

Color Chart

Blue: indigo, red cabbage, elderberries, red mulberries, blueberries, purple grapes

Yellow: marigolds, sunflower petals, dandelion flowers, paprika, turmeric, celery leaves, onion skins

Pink: hibiscus, avocado skins and seeds, cherries

Orange: carrots, gold lichen, onion skins

Reddish brown: pomegranates, beets

Green: spinach, artichokes,, peppermint leaves

Brown: tea, coffee


How to Use Onion Skins to Dye Fabric

Yellow onion skins give an almost light orange yellowish color to cotton fabric. We love the muted tone of the dye. You essentially boil yellow onion skins and soak the cotton fabric in the dye bath. It is just that easy! 

pastel orange cloth napkin

You can find the full tutorial for how to use onions to dye fabric over on hunker.com.

Natural Dye Projects

Check out some of our favorite ways to use natural dyes on fabric - from hibiscus leaves, to turmeric spice to natural indigo! So many dyes that come stright from nature.

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