Sep 29 2020
Ikea Brimnes Cabinet Hack
Post by sara albers

Learn how to turn a simple black cabinet into a piece of furniture that looks so high end with this Ikea Brimnes Cabinet Hack!

Ikea Brimnes Cabinet Hack

Our latest (and greatest) DIY project for the site, is a favorite of ours by far! I love the end project so much that I want to make a second one. Thinking that I just have to keep one at the studio and make another for home. You can find the full tutorial HEREI think you will be adding this Ikea Brimnes Cabinet Hack to your project to do list! 

We used the Ikea Brimnes cabinet in black and added cane webbing (or caning). Caning comes in different varieties of weave. For this project we used a radio weave, which is a simple pattern. There is also an open weave that is very popular. 

Ikea Brimnes Cabinet Hack

Where to find cane webbing online

The radio weave caning (cane webbing) we used came from The Basket Maker’s Catalog online store

You can also find it on Etsy . More open weave options as well. 

Amazon also has shops that see the webbing. Most often it is easier to find the standard open weave. 

The Online Fabric Store also has options for caning. 

Ikea Hacks have become some of our favorite projects to work on. Like this Ikea Hack Alseda Stool to coffee table project. And this upholstered bench we use daily! 

Ikea Brimnes Cabinet Hack

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