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Ikea Hack Mudcloth Upholstered Bench

Ikea Hack Mudcloth Upholstered Bench

We are kicking off January with a DIY project for the home. Remember my living room reveal post from a few months ago? Well I am finally sharing more detail on how I made this Ikea Hack Mudcloth Upholstered Bench! I took a basic wood bench (SKOGSTA from Ikea) and added some of my favorite mudcloth fabric. I just adore my beloved mudcloth fabric that I bought at the Alameda Flea Market in the Bay Area. I have made so many pillows from my indigo, black and white mud cloth fabrics that I was so excited to make a bench from it. All you need is foam, padding and a staple gun to make the upholstered top.

Ikea Hack Mudcloth Upholstered Bench

How to add a padded top to a wood bench – Ikea Hack Upholstered Bench

Ikea Hack Upholstered Bench


Ikea bench

1-inch foam

Staple gun

Lining fabric (padding)

Mudcloth (I bought mine at the Alameda Flea Market – but similar fabric on Etsy)

Ikea Hack Upholstered Bench

Step 1. Measure the top of bench and cut 1 inch foam a tad larger.

Step 2. Measure and cut padding to fit around the foam (add 2.5 inches to each side). Also cut liner fabric and mud cloth fabric (I use a liner as the mud cloth fabric is much lighter than the foam I used).

Step 3. Place the padding liner fabric over the foam over the top of the bench. Using a staple gun, staple the edges of the padding to the bottom edges of the bench. Make sure to make the padding tight.

Step 4. Repeat the same step but this time with your fabric! Make sure and line up the fabric on the top of bench just how you would like it to look (straight lines, etc.). Staple away!

Step 5. Attach legs and enjoy!

Ikea Hack Mudcloth Upholstered Bench

Ikea Hack Mudcloth Upholstered Bench

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  1. I love this so much — it’s seriously gorgeous! You can’t go wrong with mud cloth, but this one has such great texture that complements the wood perfectly!

  2. Stool is SO cute! There’s tons of mud cloth these days at the Rose Bowl Flea Market and this is such a great idea for how to use it. I’m gonna give it a try 🙂

  3. Hi! Love this! Is the fabric liner different fro
    The padding mentioned?

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