Indigo Dip Dyed Dish Towels

Try this simple indigo dip dye dish towel tutorial

There is something so beautiful in simplicity. That’s why I love these indigo dip-dyed dish towels. The deep blue against the bright white just makes me happy. These beauties are so easy to make.

Whenever I’m finishing up using my bucket of indigo dye I love to take a dozen flour sack dish towels and dip dye them. They make the perfect hostess gift or birthday present for mom. But they also look great in your own kitchen.

We have done a lot of indigo dying, specifically using the traditional Shibori techniques. We made shibori dish towels, an indigo dyed scarf and pillows.

Read more to learn how to make these Indigo Dip Dyed Dish Towels.

DIY indigo dip dyed dish towel

Indigo Dip Dyed Dish Towels Supplies:

Indigo Dye Kit 

Flour Sack Dish Towels  

2- 5 gallon buckets

rubber gloves

drop cloth or trash bags

paint stick

For the full set of instructions, check our Shibori Indigo Dish Towel tutorial. This will teach you how to mix your dye and try some shibori techniques, too!

Using indigo is amazing. When you remove your fabric from the dye it will look green, not indigo. But when you let it rest and oxidize you’ll see the magic happen – from green to deep, beautiful blue! Once oxidized, you can always dip it again for a deeper indigo.

Beautiful DIY Indigo Dip Dye Dish Towels indigo-dip-dye-dish-towel-5Learn how to make these DIY indigo dip dyed dish towels

Make these DIY indigo dip dyed dish towels  /  Alice & Lois

photos by Melissa Fenlon. all rights reserved.

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