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Kid’s Room Reveal + DIY Notebook + Land of Nod Giveaway

Kid's room reveal + DIY Notebook + Land of Nod giveaway

We moved into our new apartment this summer. Slowly but surely we are getting settled in – hanging pictures on the walls, purchasing house plants and getting some new furniture. Oh course, Harper’s room is the only room in the apartment that is about done! Harper’s room has a beautiful bay window that gets amazing light. She also has the biggest closet in the house. The one thing she asked for in her new room was a desk to do homework and art projects. She and I had a fun time picking out some new things for her new room. This made her feel more ownership and mature to help decorate her new space. I am excited to share some pictures of her room and share an art project we made together.

Kid's room reveal + DIY Notebook + Land of Nod giveaway

We were excited to create a space for her to grow into. Land of Nod sent us a gorgeous cargo desk and chair. She is a bit obsessed with all of her chapter books fitting the desk shelf perfectly. She picked out a few turquoise accessories for her new creative area – desk lamp, accessories bin and basket. I have to say that doing homework has been more enjoyable. We have also been doing some creative projects together at her desk. See how we made some new notebooks using fabric and fusible appliqué paper.


Kid's room reveal + DIY Notebook + Land of Nod giveaway

Kid's room reveal + DIY Notebook + Land of Nod giveaway

Kid's room reveal + DIY Notebook + Land of Nod giveaway

DIY Fabric Covered Notebook

Supplies: cotton fabric / notebooks / double-sided fusible applique paper / iron / scissors

DIY Fabric Covered Notebook

Step 1: Lay the notebook flat on the appliqué paper and trace all the way around. Make sure the notebook is completely flat. Tip – find a notebook that will fit the 8.5 x 11 size appliqué paper. I used 5 x 8 inch notebooks.

Step 2: Peel the back off the fusible paper and place on the back side (wrong side) of fabric.

Step 3: Iron the fusible appliqué paper onto the back of fabric with parent’s assistance! Follow directions on packaging.

Step 4: Cut along the traced lines.

DIY Fabric Covered Notebook

Step 5: Peel the backing from the appliqué paper.

Step 6: Line up the fabric on the notebook. It worked best for us to start on a front or back corner and match to edges. Smooth the fabric over the front and back covers. The fabric is forgiving and you can lightly pull from notebook if you need to straighten.

Step 7. With parent’s assistance, iron the fabric onto notebook. Again, following packaging instructions.

Note: You can use Fray Check to leave the seams from fraying.

DIY Fabric Covered Notebook

DIY Fabric Covered Notebook

We are excited to be sharing some Land of Nod love with our readers! Enter the contest below for a chance to win $100 worth of Land of Nod products. Contest open to US residents only and ends on Monday, Sept 21 at 11:59 pm PST.

Contest has ended.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you to Land of Nod for providing the product for Harper’s room.

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  2. I love the diy, it’s really cute!My favorites from Land of nod are their bookshelves, they have so many with very great design for kids rooms. I like also all their bins like the accessories bins you have, they are perfect!

  3. NameBreanna says:

    such a cute space, it turned out amazing! I don’t think I could pick one thing from land of nod that I like, i’m in love with it all 🙂

  4. Well, the room is looking wonderful! My favorite items are the teal lamp and basket!!

  5. Sweet girls’ bedding! Thanks for this giveaway opportunity.

  6. Right now i’m so excited about Land of nod’s new holiday collection! This is our first year as parents and I want to Christmas the crap out of our home for our baby boy! He’s going to need a stocking, his own christmas tree for his room (the wee christmas tree set), and every ornament they make, but especially the mom, dad, and boy ornaments from the christmas company ornament group! 😀

  7. too much cuteness! I love the larkin metal bed. Is it bad that i want it for myself?

  8. Hi Sara & Harper! The Bedroom looks great & i love the light Colors making it so light & bright. & feminine. My fave at land of nod are the sleeping bags!!!

  9. I have to admit I found you on pinterest and i love the color COMBO YOU used for your little girls room. Also the DIy notebook is awesome. As for the giveaway Currently at land of nod I have been eyeing the New lace teepee with the garland for their holiday collection, it’s too perfect for my own girls room.

  10. I love everything about land of nod! I can’t wait to decorate my youngest daughter’s room. my oldest daughter and I had a blast decorating her room with land of nod goodies!

    1. my favorites are all the awesome pillows!!!

  11. I lvoe the cloud pillow, the bow wall hooks, the rise and shine print, there bunny line prints, and macaroon bedding.

  12. It is so hard to chOose any one thing! I love the beDding, kids beds and shelVing. Land of nod also carries great toys and room decor. I love you it all.

  13. mos loves his bear sleeping bag from the land of nod!love the room harper!

  14. we’re in baby mode, so i just *love* the “with a chance of” crib bedding and the carousel crib in the bright kelly green ! so different

  15. I love the Sweet Tooth Nightlight, and the Merry mod Tree Skirt is adorable!

  16. Love the fabric notebooks, I used to do this with some of my school binders when I was younger!

    1. NameJoyce says:

      Oh and I love the fitted crib sheets and baby play mat from Land of Nod! Such great patterns and colors.

  17. The teepees are my favorite item from land of nod!

  18. I love the gumball lamp in white!


  19. My favorite things are

    Camp Christmas Stocking (Teepee)
    The 14″ Knit Crowd Cat
    Shy Little Kitten Throw Pillow

  20. I had been looking for a small chandElier for my daughters Bedroom for years!! The ones i Found were either too big, too small, too fancy or To plain and Finally found exactly what i had been looking for!! My daughter is about to graduate high school and We have redone her room a few times and she has wanted to change everything…except the lighting. Their products really do change from now to later!!

  21. NameChristine says:

    Accidentally put the wrong pinterest name and it wont let me back in To change it…sorry!!

    Thanks for the awesome Book cover idea! I am so excited to make them because i Have notebooks and leftover fabric from pillows i made! Woo hoo….finally an idea that is realistic and items i Actually have. I Am also going to cover some of The hard cover books i wont be rereading. Definitely on my to-do this Week!

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