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New Year’s Game Free Printable

See our favorite New Year’s Game Free Printable. So much fun for friends and family to play on NYE!

Free printable game for New Year's Eve on www.aliceandlois.com

This New Year’s Game Free Printable is a big hit in our house for New Year’s Eve. It’s a great way to get the party conversation started with questions like: Best Song of the Year, Best Movie of the Year, Most Embarrassing Moment, etc.

The questions will get your friends and family thinking back on their favorite moments of the year. Some of their answers will get the crowd roaring, while others will make everyone reflect.

It’s pretty great to find out why everyone laughed the hardest they did all year long. And one of my favorite questions is Best Piece of Advice You Were Given This Year.

We also have rounded up some awesome family friendly New Year’s Eve celebration ideas for you. So many great ideas!

Read more to download the New Year’s Game Free Printable…

Our favorite free printable New Year's Eve game! New Year's game free printable on aliceandlois.com

How to use the New Year’s Game Free Printable

I love to put all the cards in a glass bowl and pass them around. Each guest picks a card and they have to answer. Then throw your card back in and pass around again!

You can also use the game cards as place settings at the dinner table. This is a fun way to get good conversation going at dinner time.

Another way to use the game cards this year (2020) is to set up a Zoom call with friends or family and play the game!

We hope you guys all have a great New Year’s!

free printable new year's game on aliceandlois.com

print out this game for New Year's Eve on aliceandlois.com

What are some of your favorite New Year’s Eve traditions?

  • Our family would make corned beef and cabbage on New Year’s Day to celebrate the new year.
  • Family games like charades and pictionary are fun for an at home celebration
  • Dress up and go out to a favorite restaurant
  • Dress up and make a fancy dinner at home!
  • Big dance party with family at home
  • Set the clocks back a few hours so the kids feel like they are staying up until midnight
  • Play the New Year’s Game free printable!

Our favorite free printable New Year's Eve game!

How to print the New Year’s Game Free Printable

We created this printable game for you for free! Just download the New Year’s Game printable, print out on white cardstock, cut out the cards and you’ve got a fun night ahead of you to ring in the New Year! And remember, this game is for personal use only.

Find our updated 2020 Version of the New Year’s Game here! Since 2020 has been a year like none other we just had to make an updated version.

photos by Melissa Fenlon. all rights reserved. 

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  1. Love this! Thanks for sharing. Will definitely use for our gathering.

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  3. Thank you! We are having our 25th anniversary part this new year’s eve and will use this. Thinking that i might try to make some related to weddings and marriages to toss in!

  4. Love this! Thanks so much for sharing, have printed them off ready for christmas day x

  5. This is one of my very favourite printable “finds”, ever! Such a great way TO include many age groups in a fun celebratory activity! My 17 yr old daughters will love this for their friends’ gathering, as will several people I’m sending the link to for their various celebrations! Thanks so much!

  6. What a wonderful idea!!!! Thank you for this Wonderful new years game idea!!! Cheers!

  7. Such a great game for New years! We shared with our followers.


  9. Thanks for these printables! I’m writing up my (VERY belated) post about 2015 and rounding it off with a reference to this printable – my boyf and I really enjoyed using these cards on NYE!

  10. Thank you , we get together with a big group every Christmas so this will be great fun 🙂

  11. Thanks for this great idea, spending holidays in Clearwater Florida with my cousins
    Catherine 7 and Bella 5. This will be fun on New Years Eve.

  12. Just printed these out and will be using them at my NYE party this weekend! Thanks for the idea 😀

    1. Good idea to host a new years eve party. Fun, simple + interactive for everyone!

  13. I actually used these for a ESL class. It worked great!


  14. Looking forward to using these at the party! Thank you.

  15. Thanks to you both for the amazing ideas, New Years with our neighbors some of which we hardly know but would ,Ike to learn more about and your party ideas rock.

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