Printable Kids’ Chore Chart by Age Group

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Free Printable Kids' Chore Chart by Age

Between the two of us, we have a 4 year old, a 9 year old and an almost 11 year old. It feels like a constant struggle to have the girls help and accomplish chores around the house. Anyone else feel that way? Melissa and I came up with an “age appropriate” chore chart for each of the girls’ age groups and we have to say… it is working! We teamed up with STAINMASTER™ to share a Free Printable Kids’ Chore Chart by Age and share some successful tips on how to make the chart successful in practice.

Chore Tips and Tricks

Have the right products – We have found success with putting together a cleaning bin with kid-appropriate supplies. Sponges, scrub brushes, duster, rubber gloves, non-toxic cleaners, etc. We love the new STAINMASTER Floor Sweep & Mop Kit (for wet and dry cleaning). The mop can be adjusted to kid or adult length. That has been a hit because the kids love that the mop is just their size! The flexible pole is also great for helping all of us reach those tricky places, such as under the couch or tables.The mop can be used as a broom with microfiber pad or a mop by using the specially designed wet cloths. These cloths protect your floors and safely remove 3x more grime than water alone for a quick and easy clean, every time. The wet cloths are safe for all floor types including tile, laminate, vinyl, and hardwood. The microfiber pad is easily washable and reusable.

Do it together first – That means walk through the chart with your child and do each chore together so your child knows and understands the expectation. We have found that by having the kids do age-appropriate tasks, they feel more confident and accomplished! Win win!  

We found the new STAINMASTER Floor Sweep & Mop system at Walmart in the cleaning aisle. You can find extra STAINMASTER Multi-Surface Wet Mopping Cloth Refill Pads right near the Sweep & Mop section.

Printable Kids’ Chore Chart by Age Group

We broke the chore chart down by age group. Once the child “graduates” to the next age group, they will continue doing the chores from the previous group.

Download the free printable kids chore chart HERE.

Ages 4 – 6

Pick up toys and books

Put clothes in hamper

Set and clear table

Make bed

Pick up room

Help fold laundry



Ages 7-10


Empty trash cans

Water plants

Simple meal prep/help with dinner

Empty dishwasher

Put away groceries

Fold laundry

Put laundry away

Help with yard work

Age 11 and up

Wash dishes

Load dishwasher

Clean bathrooms



Wash windows and mirrors

Yard work (Mowing)

Wash car





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