Printable Workout Tracker Calendar

As the calendar turns to a new year, many of us are drawn to the idea of setting resolutions, especially in the area of health, fitness and wellness. It’s common tradition to aspire toward healthier habits, but often, the desire to achieve quick results can overshadow the importance of sustainable personal progress.

Oftentimes at my age, is where injury happens. Or I set aggressive goals that I cannot meet.

printable workout calendar

I have found that setting goals for myself is so important. But second to setting those goals is figuring out how to keep myself accountable! Today we are sharing a simple Printable Workout Tracker Calendar that you can download and print. 

We love a good printable to do lists and meal planning. There is something about the practice of writing down visual lists that can help you feel more accomplished. Anyone feel that way?

Setting Achievable Goals

First, setting achievable goals is a necessity. Everyone is on a different level, a different path in their fitness and wellness journey. Did you just have a baby and getting back into the workout regime? Are you wanting to incorporate 10K plus steps a day? Are your goals to go to a class at your gym 5 days a week? Setting small manageable goals often times paves the way for sustainable progress! This approach can boost motivation and help prevent burnout. 

printable workout calendar

Consistency is Key

I often call my approach to fitness goals a slow and steady approach. But I have come to realize that Consistency is Key. It is important to build a routine that aligns with your lifestyle. This helps ensure that fitness becomes or stays a natural part of your day rather than a strenuous task. I do not believe in a quick fix. 

Celebrate the Milestones

Celebrate every small victory along the way. When I can check off my daily movement and fitness for a week or a month or even a week streak, recognize this! Acknowledging and appreciating the progress made, regardless of how minor it may seem, is essential for staying motivated.

printable workout calendar

Tracking Progress is Imperative

While setting fitness and health goals is so important, tracking the success of these goals is imperative to your success. So many of us are visual learners. I also know that visual tracking of tasks is a value. The value of a free printable fitness tracker is such a key to success and great way to find success. 

This Printable Workout Tracker Calendar is a super simple tool to track your goals. Utilizing a calendar to track your daily exercise, movement, and other wellness activities offers a visual representation of your efforts, making it easier to stay accountable. This calendar can also keep you motivated! 

printable workout calendar

Tracking Calendar benefits

A printable calendar provides a tangible way to record your daily activities, whether it’s hitting the gym, going for a walk, practicing yoga, or even engaging in active hobbies. The act of physically marking off completed tasks can instill a sense of accomplishment, fueling the drive to maintain consistency. 


What patterns are you seeing on your calendar? This has been an interesting practice for myself. Are there certain days that you have a hard time exercising? Weekends or certain days of the week? This tracking method is a visual representation for you. 

workout tracking

Motivational Tool

A printable calendar also serves as an awesome motivational tool. Post your calendar in an area of your home that you see often. If you do home workouts, post it there. People often hang it in their home office for motivation to move. 

Personalize your workout calendar

The simplicity of a printable calendar makes it accessible to everyone. You can personalize it to suit you! Whether that involves color-coding different activities, adding motivational quotes, etc. This personalization creates a sense of ownership over your progress, making the tracking process more engaging and enjoyable. 

How to use the 2024 Printable Workout Tracker Calendar

Print out the 2024 Printable Workout Tracker Calendar. You can print on card stock paper or regular printer paper. This calendar is by month for the entire year of 2024!

Download the 2024 Printable Workout Tracker Calendar here

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