Mar 14 2014
St. Patrick’s Day Free Printable
Post by melissa fenlon

st patrick's day printable on aliceandlois.comHere’s a fun way to wake up on St. Patrick’s Day, a free printable banner that reads “Top o’ the Morning!” We made some silver dollar pancakes for the kiddos. You just have to cut out the banner, tape it to a toothpick, and your festive breakfast is ready. This little sign would also be cute atop a donut, stuck into an apple or on the top of a muffin. I’ve designed two different versions for you to use!

Read more for the free printable patrick's day free printable on aliceandlois.comTo download the printable, click here – st. patrick’s day printable.

Have a fun St. Patrick’s day! We’ll be starting our day with these little hotcakes and green smoothies..


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All photos by Melissa Fenlon for alice & lois design studios. All rights st patricks day printable on

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