Aug 15 2019
Succulent Bowl Planter
Post by sara albers

How to plant a Succulent Container

Container gardening was my only way of gardening for all my years living in San Francisco. We were lucky enough to have a big deck off of our living room in our flat in North Beach. I loved planting Mexican sage, bougainvillea, geraniums and lots and lots of succulents. Now that I am in the midwest, I still love container gardening. I still have pots of geraniums, but no Mexican sage or bougainvillea. But I do still love planting succulents in containers! 

I put together this Succulent Bowl Planter for for my latest DIY project for them. I just love how it looks. You can use any shallow bowl from your kitchen or a bowl shaped planter. Head over to to find the full tutorial. 

The planter bowl I used was from target (no longer available). But here are a few good choices:

Succulent Bowl Planter #succulents

How to plant a Succulent Planter Bowl #DIY #succulents #containergardening

I still have the Succulent Bowl Planter at the studio but thinking about bringing it home to keep on my outdoor dining table. What do you think? Keep at studio or move to outdoor table at home? 




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