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The Best Baked Chocolate Donut Recipe

the best baked chocolate donut recipe on aliceandlois.comAhhhh, donuts. I’ve loved them all my life. When I was pregnant, I dreamt of donuts every day. That’s so bad, isn’t it? And now the craving hasn’t gone away entirely. I want chocolate donuts and these sugar cookies! But I’ve really been trying to be eat healthier snacks during the day. You can check out  the list of healthy snacks we posted last month.

But sometimes you want something sweet and special in the morning. I’ve been experimenting with different baked chocolate donut recipes and found the right one to share with you guys. They’re not overly sweet, but they’re still a total treat. I tried really hard to make a donut that’s not as sinful. I think you’ll love this – The Best Baked Chocolate Donut Recipe.

Read more to get the recipe.the best baked chocolate donut recipe on aliceandlois.comYou’ll see that I used both all purpose and whole wheat flour, used almond milk rather than whole milk, and tried coconut oil instead of vegetable oil in the donut batter to make a healthier version of this classic.

This donut is lighter than the classic sour cream donuts, but still has a denseness that I like. I adapted the recipe from Taste Love and Nourish.

Calla, my four year old, had a blast making these with me. She loved piping the batter into the Donut Panfrom the big ziploc bag. This really is a super simple recipe to do with the kids. And the bake time is so quick, it’s instant gratification.make baked donuts with the kids on aliceandlois.comthe best baked chocolate donut recipe on aliceandlois.com

Calla was my baking assistant and my project assistant. When we were putting the cocoa powder on the parchment paper to take pictures, she said, “Mom, I have a great idea…” Here’s her donut picture… what a girl! Have fun making these sweet treats. –Melissathe best baked chocolate glazed donuts on aliceandlois.com

All photos by Melissa Fenlon for alice & lois design studios. All rights reserved.

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  1. I had no idea you could bake doughnuts?! Or that doughnut baking pans existed. I’m very excited to learn this today!

  2. liz welch says:

    I am allergic to almonds so what can I uses instead of it to keep it healthy?

  3. I made these today to go with a brunch. It was an absolute hit. Everyone raved. Thank you 😊

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