May 23 2016
This Word Has Meaning
Post by melissa fenlon

Favorite words of bloggers and their meaning behind them. This Word Has Meaning Series

This past January when I was driving home to Colorado from Alt Summit in Salt Lake, I had an idea. Wouldn’t it be amazing to find out what words had the most meaning for some of our favorite women. On that eight hour drive, our Instagram series, “This Word Has Meaning” was born. Each Monday, we’ve been showcasing some of our colleagues and friends telling us, in their own words, what their favorite words mean to them. Hope you have been enjoying this new series!

BEGIN – Miranda Anderson from One Little Minute

“Here’s the thing: we could wait around forever for the perfect idea, the perfect time, or the perfect circumstance. What we have now is ourselves with endless potential and the only way to find out what we’re capable of is to BEGIN! Draw that first line, make the first cut, write the first word, or rich out with the first hello. You won’t start perfectly, but once you begin, you’ll be on your way to greatness… or failure. But at least you’ll know, and learn, and become who you are meant to be along the way.”

GRACE – Laurel Stavros from A Bubbly Life

“My favorite word is GRACE. Giving forgiveness and acceptance to everyone – including yourself. We cannot do it all and we try, which is a set up for failure. Grace is accepting all of our faults and I think makes us love, understand, and empathize with everyone a bit better.”

JOY – Sarah Khandjian from Sarah Hearts

“My favorite word is JOY and in fact, my blog is all about finding joy in making things. It’s something I’ve always sought after and something I truly believe we can all experience. To me, joy is finding happiness and contentment no matter the circumstances. And that feeling makes life truly beautiful.”

IMPERFECTION – Carrie Waller from Dream Green DIY

“This season, I’m working hard to overcome my need for constant order by letting in a little IMPERFECTION. Life doesn’t always look perfect or go according to plan, and that’s okay! I’m learning to let my crazy show just a little more, and maybe (just maybe) leave the beds unmade. If only for an hour or two.”

COLORFUL – Rachel Mae Smith from The Crafted Life

“My word is COLORFUL: I chose this because I think a lot of times we get so bogged down with our day to days and current living situations that we forget the world is full of wonder, color and life. You may have to work to find it sometimes, but the world is a colorful and wonderful place.”

CONSIDERATE – Melissa Bahen from Lulu the Baker

“I love the word CONSIDERATE because I think it is so simple but encompasses so much in how we treat others. And so often we don’t remember to think about how our words and actions affect the people around us. I try to be mindful of how my words affect my kids. I try to think about disagreements from my husband’s point of view. I try to give people the benefit o the double and not jump to conclusions if they aren’t as nice as I think they should be. I try to think of how I would want to be treated in a given situation, and extend that same treatment to the People I’m around. It’s kindness and graciousness and love and patience all rolled into one.”

SERENDIPITY – Audrey from This Little Street

“I am a big believer that our most beloved treasures and fondest memories come from happy coincidence. We spent so much time “planning” happiness and making sure every decision we make maximizes our happiness… Serendipity to me means genuinely happy moments that were not planned or seeked. Bonus happiness, in a way.”

ACCEPT – Marlene Sauer from Idle Hands Awake

“As a chronic pain sufferer, I fought for a long time against the concept of “acceptance,” as it seemed to me like giving up. But I’ve finally come to view it differently. To “accept” does not mean to stop trying to improve or change one’s life or self. It means to love all of yourself – the good and the bad, the creativity and the slumps, the things that make you laugh and those that hurt. Wishing them away or hating them will not change them; simply accept that in this moment, things are as they are. Then fight like hell to make the next moment better.”

GOOD – MJ from Pars Caeli and Good in Store

“When I was a child, good was an evaluation or judgment call. Now it’s something I seek in others as well as myself. It’s not so black and white but more something worth searching for in every situation. May you find it in your challenges today! xo”

SIMPLE – Jeran McConnel from Oleander and Palm

“Simple is a word I always come back to. Simple isn’t boring. Simple is clean, uncluttered, comfortable and totally attainable. Simple living doesn’t just apply to my design aesthetic, it’s how we attempt to live our lives everyday. I find having less stuff often means less worry and stress.” –Jeran McConnel from @oleanderandpalm

CREATIVE – Amy Weir from Delineate Your Dwelling

“My favorite word is creative. I love being able to create and I believe we were all meant to live creative lives whether in great or small ways. There is so much goodness can come out of having a creative spirit; seeing, engaging and responding to the world around you in positive ways. I am always more at peace after working with my hands in a creative way!”

PRESENT – Lindsay Ponta from Shrimp Salad Circus

“The word with the most meaning for me right now is “present” because my mantra is “Be in this moment.” I’ve fallen prey to the glorification of busy so often over the years, that I realized I needed a constant reminder to not be constantly worrying about the next thing. Or how I could have done the last thing differently. To just be here and now and in the moment. Present.”
INSPIRE – Haeley Giambalvo from Design Improvised

“As a DIYer and crafter, I’m driven by my personal passion for creating. However, it’s the desire to inspire others that has made me a blogger! Nothing is more motivating to me than having a reader share a photo of something they’ve made inspired by a Design Improvised project. I strive to keep all of my DIYs simple yet impactful in hopes that readers will try making their own version. I want them to say “Wow, I never would have thought of that, but I think I can make it!”




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