Tips for Being Holiday Guest Ready

DIY Guest Room Basket | alice & lois
Thanksgiving is right around the corner and we’re gearing up for the influx of holiday guests. We’ve partnered with Cottenelle today to share some tips on how to be guest ready this holiday season. We also want to share a few ways that make your holiday guests feel special. Taking a little extra time to make your guests feel special will show how much you care about them and helps them feel more at home.
We do not have a separate guest room in our apartment. We give our houseguests our daughter’s room for their stay. She moves in with us. So spending time prepping for our guests is important for everyone’s sanity. Take a look at our tips and tricks to making this season hassle-free!

DIY Guest Room Basket | alice & lois
DIY Guest Room Basket | alice & lois

1. Be prepared.

I like to fill a handmade basket with lots of goodies that are often times forgotten. I use a mix of travel-size toiletries and a few new goodies. I like to gather old glass bottles, remove the labels and fill with lotion and shampoo. Something that adds a special touch.

towels | shampoo and conditioner | lotion | face wash | cotton balls | cotton swabs | Cottonelle Mega Roll | natural sponge | soap | toothbrush | toothpaste

Are your houseguests bringing kids? If so, offer to get all the things they might need. Portable crib, baby gate, high chair, etc. I try to borrow these from friends. You can also rent these types of things in many cities.

Food allergies? Have a few of the guests’ favorite snacks and treats ready.

Coffee or tea? So often your houseguests have traveled a long way to get you. It’s so considerate to have their favorite coffee or tea ready in the morning.

DIY Guest Room Basket | alice & lois

2. Make it special.

  • Grab some postcards/greeting cards of your city and stamps
  • Don’t you love how some hotels leave a treat on your pillow at night? Leave cookies and milk for your guests!
  • Leave a sound machine (or sound machine app) or a fan to help drown out any noises.
  • Do you know your guest’s favorite scent? If so, leave a candle that they adore on the night stand.
  • Fresh flowers in the room lets your guests know how much you love them.
  • Leave local magazines, walking guides or city blogs recommendations.

DIY Guest Room Basket | alice & lois

3. Staying organized during the stay.

• Quick clean up in the bathrooms with cleaning wipes under each sink.

• Also keep extra toilet paper and towels under the sink. Although the Cottonelle Mega Roll is key so you don’t have to change the toilet paper often – 4 rolls in 1.

• Make sure there are obvious trash cans in kitchen/bathrooms.

• Also, make space for their jackets, shoes and bags. Clear out room in a closet and or drawers.

DIY Guest Room Basket | alice & lois


Photos by Sara Albers.

This post is sponsored by Cottonelle Mega Roll. Thank you for supporting the brands that help support Alice & Lois.

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  1. Oh my gosh I love the idea of putting together a basket! We never have visitors stay with us as most people who come here have family in town. I do long for the day that we have a house with a guest room and are able to house guests with their very own basket!

  2. NameSarah hearts says:

    Such great tips! Keeping a trash can in the guest room is such a good idea. I’ve found trash to collect in random places if you don’t do that!

  3. Great tips! Love the idea of leaving a little treat for your guests!

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