Top Projects of 2014

simple baby bibs sewing tutorial on aliceandlois.comHere’s part 2 of our most popular posts from this past year. It’s so fun to look back at everything we glued, sewed and mixed together. Here’s a look at the top posts five through 10. Enjoy!

5. DIY Baby Bibs
 – Sara created these sweet and simple baby bibs during our Baby Love Series last winter. Fun fabrics made these adorable and modern.

Easy to make DIY air dry clay bunny bowls / aliceandlois.com

6. Bunny Bowls – We absolutely loved working with air dry clay. It’s so easy and so versatile. We made these cute little guys for Easter. The kiddos adored them.

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great sewing tutorial for women's fabric headband  //  aliceandlois.com

7. DIY Women’s Fabric Headband – This fabric headband tutorial is a hit on Pinterest!  It is so fun to think that so many people are making these headbands as they begin their adventures in sewing.

DIY Halloween Stenciled Treat Bags on aliceandlois.com

8. DIY Halloween Treat Bags – We love using freezer paper to create our own stencils. These treat bags a hit at the kid’s Halloween party!

DIY emoji masks - great for Photo Booth on aliceandlois.com

9. DIY Emoji Masks– Who doesn’t love using Emoticons? We made these for Halloween but they have been a hit at our house all year long!

the best baked chocolate donuts on aliceandlois.com

10. Baked Chocolate Donuts – We love donuts. Always have. Always will. This recipe is a lighter version of an ol’ favorite. Melissa also made baked pumpkin donuts this Fall – amazing!

Thanks again for all of your support this year! Here’s to dreaming big in 2015.

–Sara and Melissa

Photos by Melissa Fenlon and Sara Albers. All rights reserved.

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