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sprinkler girlsHappy Friday, friends! It’s been a wonderful week in San Francisco since we’re together. The girls and I are here escaping the wind and snow in Crested Butte. We’ve been hitting the beach, the playground, shopping of course and morning walks in North Beach that always end with a chocolate croissant. And look at how hot it was on Easter Sunday. We broke out the sprinkler on the deck before heading to the beach!

The girls are all loving their cousin time. Harper and Calla are truly just like sisters. And sweet Poppy is growing like a weed out here, and maturing at lighting speed. She’s started sitting up on her own!

Don’t forget to head over to Instagram to enter our giveaway this week for a gorgeous ring from  reVetro. It’s made from a repurposed Sapphire Gin bottle. Wait till you see it!

Here are some of our favorite finds from this week. Enjoy! –Melissa

How to cook bacon to perfection.

This print makes me smile.

Bravo to this teen entrepreneur!

The amazing crumb coat.

Food for thought, literature’s most memorable meals.

Want to try these three-ingredient biscuits.

Still loving these bags

Such cute flower cupcake toppers.

Poppy’s modeling debut 🙂

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