Feb 4 2018
A Little Bit of Everything
Post by melissa fenlon

Best Valentine Sugar CookiesIt’s been a low-key couple of days at our house with both of my girls getting the crud – fever, cough, etc. So many sick kids this winter. I feel so bad for the kids when they get sick, but it allows us to slow down and get in the most snuggle time as possible.

Sara has been busy as can be this weekend with Harper in her first big show, The Sound of Music. It’s a huge production with over 100 local kids. They sent us videos… wish we could have been there in person. So proud of Harper!

I’m hoping the girls feel good enough to make some Valentine art this weekend. We’re definitely making some of our Valentine sugar cookies in the next couple of weeks.

Enjoy some of our favorite links from this past week. –Melissa

A true friendship.

Polar Hat Trick. Yes!

The incredible Ina Garten.

The why of cooking.

A pretty winter cocktail.

Loving this dress for spring, and loving the price.

Want to make these diy plant hangers!

Prettiest set of bowls.

Been looking at this in white (and it’s a great deal this weekend).

Is it spring yet?

Our favorite glasses.

Pin of the week.

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