Jul 31 2015
A Little Bit
of Everything
Post by melissa fenlon

beach umbrellas by the pool on aliceandlois.com

Happy Friday! What an amazing week’s it’s been. Sara and I met our best friend in Southern California to celebrate her 40th birthday. Two days of sunshine, hours by the pool and endless laughter is pure heaven. There’s really nothing like spending time with a childhood friend.

Enjoy these finds and enjoy your weekend! –Melissa

Finding her ‘sugar linings.’

Letter of Recommendation: New Balance 990s.

A colorful world.

Gorgeous portraits of surfers.

Think I’ll have to stop at IKEA in Denver soon.

Making these fajitas soon… they look amazing.

Loving this book right now.

Fun art project for kids.

Can’t wait to make this lovely wooden cake stand.

Eyeing this dress.

How cute is this basket for toys?

Pin of the week.

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