Jun 18 2014
A weekend in Yosemite
Post by sara albers

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post by Sara

We spent Father’s Day weekend camping with friends in Yosemite and it was special.  Special not only because of the majestic beauty of the park but special because the park is celebrating it’s 150th anniversary at the end of this month.  On June 30, 1864 President Lincoln signed the Yosemite Grant Act making Yosemite Valley and Mariposa Grove the first protected wild land in the US. Thank you Abraham Lincoln! Yosemite offers spectacular waterfalls, beautiful meadows and valleys, amazing rock formations and giant sequoias.

We camped at the Crane Flat campground, about 30 minutes northwest of the Valley. We spent Saturday hiking to May Lake. This hike is so family friendly. We picnicked and even fished at the lake. After the hike we drove over to Tuolome Meadows and enjoyed some time at Tenaya Lake.

yosemite-trip// aliceandlois.com

yosemite-trip // aliceandlois.comOn Sunday we drove into the Valley. We rented a raft and hit the Merced River. One word. Amazing. Breathtaking views of Half Dome and Yosemite Falls throughout the entire rafting trip. Ty had the best Father’s Day yet!

yosemite-trip // aliceandlois.com

yosemite-trip // aliceandlois.com

I highly recommend a trip to Yosemite to all! It’s beauty is unreal. Harper explained Yosemite best, “you know when you look at something that is so beautiful you think you are looking at a picture in a book, not real life”.

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