Jul 27 2015
DIY Eye Print Leggings
Post by melissa fenlon

Make these DIY Eye Print Baby Leggings  /  tutorial on aliceandlois.com

These leggings are so much fun! Poppy girl can’t stop pointing and trying to count all of these eyes. It’s the cutest thing. And what’s even better about these DIY eye print leggings is how easy they are to make. I used foam sheets again to make this stamp, much like I did for the DIY macaron stamped gift cards.

Read more to see the full tutorial for these DIY eye print leggings.


Supplies: baby leggings, fabric paint, paint brush, foam sheet, pen, glue stick and object to put your stamp on like a wood block or jar top.

Tip – Line your leggings with parchment paper or cardboard so your fabric paint doesn’t seep through.

1. Draw eye design on to foam sheet.

2. Cut it out. I cut it out in sections.

3. Glue onto jar top or wood block and secure.

4. Paint on fabric paint in a light layer.

5. Press the stamp firmly to the leggings. Stamp the front of leggings. Let the leggings completely dry before stamping the back. After completely dry, heat set the paint using the steam setting on your iron (do not press the iron directly on paint). Hold the iron a few inches above paint and hold for a few seconds. You can also heat set using dry setting and press the leggings with a thin dish towel in between the iron and leggings.

Make these easy DIY Eye Print Leggings  /  aliceandlois.com

Make these easy DIY Eye Print Leggings  /  aliceandlois.com

Simple Eye Printed Leggings tutorial on aliceandlois.com

photos by Melissa Fenlon and Alex Fenlon. all rights reserved.


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