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My daughter, Harper started kindergarten this week. Oh course I needed to make her something special to use during her long school day. I had picked up this fabric a while back and knew it would be perfect for this project! This drawstring snack bag is an ideal beginner sewing project. Once you have made this, you must try making the drawstring backpack!

Supplies: I used a half yard of Hopscotch David Walker Studios Line of Girls 100% cotton fabric (quilting weight is fine), 2 yards of 3/8 inch gross grain ribbon, sewing machine, scissors, pinking shears , thread

Instructions and photos after the jump.


drawstring bag instructions aliceandlois.com

1. Cut fabric into 2 pieces, 13 inches height, 10 inches width. Sew the 2 pieces together using 1/4 inch allowance, right sides facing. Start and end 2 inches on top.

2. Trim edges of seams with pinking shears so the fabric with not fray as much inside the bag.

3. Fold down and iron a 1/4 inch from top of bag.

4. Fold down again to meet the top of the side seam on both sides and iron flat. This makes your opening for the drawstring to go through.

drawstring bag aliceandlois.com

5. Sew a seam straight across both sides of top of bag. Make sure to do each side of bag separate. This makes the drawstring openings on both sides of bag.

6. Make boxed corners on bottom of bag. Fold both bottom corners together, line up the seams and iron into a triangle shape. Measure 1 inch down and draw line.

7. Sew along line and cut the top part near seam line. Repeat this step for other bottom side. Now turn the bag right side out.

drawstring bag aliceandlois.com

8. Next, thread the ribbon through the openings. Attach a large safety pin to one end of ribbon. Thread it through the front opening and through the back openings. This ribbon start and end parts will be on one side of bag now.

9.  Repeat this step, starting on the opposite side. Leave as much ribbon on sides as you wish. I left at least 5 inches. Tie the ribbon sides together on each side. Also, using a lighter, lightly seal the edges of the ribbon to prevent fraying.

Now enjoy this sweet little drawstring bag perfect for any kid!


bag aliceandlois.com

*All photographs by Sara Albers

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  1. I really enjoyed making this bag. I learned how to make a “box corner” I was so proud of myself for getting it right the first time. Great instructions. Thank you.

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