Apr 16 2014
Easter Bunny Cake
Post by melissa fenlon

easter bunny cake on aliceandlois.comEvery Easter our mom would make this adorable bunny cake. It was a family affair then and is now for our kids. Making this cake really couldn’t be any easier. All you need is two round cake pans, a knife and some frosting and candy to decorate this little Easter bunny.

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easter bunny cake on aliceandlois.comAfter you cut the ears and bow tie, use a little frosting to “glue” them to the face. Then frost the entire bunny and get ready to decorate. We used large Reese’s eggs for the eyes and nose. And then the fun part was figuring out what to use for the mouth and whiskers. Our grocery store didn’t have any licorice that would work, so we used red and purple Air Heads. We just cut the thin strips with a knife and they worked perfectly! Calla did all of the decorating herself. She spent some time trying to decide which M & M’s she wanted to use for the bow tie. For the ears, I made some pink frosting.easter bunny cake on aliceandlois.comeaster bunny cake on aliceandlois.comEnjoy making this cake with the kiddos. They will love it!


All photos by Melissa Fenlon for alice & lois design studios. All rights reserved.


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