Jan 22 2018
Game Day Party Tips & Tricks
Post by sara albers

Game Day Party Tips and Tricks

This post has been sponsored by Glad. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

There’s nothing quite like having an excuse to get friends and family together on a Sunday afternoon, right?! That’s what we love about hosting a game day gathering at home. Good food and good friends is the best way to end a weekend. Today we are excited to share some of our go-to tips and tricks to host a stress free game day party in partnership with our friends at Glad. They have us covered on the post party clean up with their new Glad ForceFlex Plus Advanced Protection trash bags.

Game Day Party Tips and Tricks

Tip and Tricks

  1. Simple Menu Planning – First, determine how many people will be coming. The number of guests always helps me decide if and what I would like my friends to bring. I create a menu around a main dish, appetizers, dessert and drinks. It is all about snacking at these gatherings! Typically I like to do something in the slow cooker. We love to do carnitas or BBQ shredded chicken or BBQ meatballs. The chicken and meatballs do not require much at all – buns and extra sauce! Ask friends to bring other appetizers and then you cover the main dish, drinks and desserts. Another easy thing to ask friends to bring are kid drinks.

Game Day party tips & tricks

2. Set up – I have a white table that is easy to move around that I always use for food set up. I also use a rolling bar cart depending on how many people are coming over. The bar cart can be used for food or drinks in conjunction with the table set up. Very often I do not use a tablecloth as they always get stained.

3. Decorations – I have simple black and white decorations that I like to use when hosting game day parties. No need to go crazy on decor, but a little touch is always nice. Makes it look like you went the extra mile, without going overboard. You can hang a little garland or pennant flag to match with the plates and napkins.

Game Day party tips & tricks

4. Kid Activities – When we were living in San Francisco, the weather would allow for the kids to run around outside. Now that we are in the Midwest and living in winter conditions – the kids stay inside! I like to have some games on the ready for the younger kids, set up in a different room from where the game is on.

5. Party break down/Clean Up – Game day parties can be so much fun, but can also be such a mess. The number one tip I have for clean up is…. Clean up throughout the party! I know, I know – not the most popular thing to hear but it has saved me a millions times. If you clean up throughout the party, the end of the night is so much better. Another tip – use solid trash bags. Our new favorite is the Glad ForceFlex Plus Advanced Protection Trash Bags. You can load everything in there – leftover meatballs, sauce, chips, drink pouches, etc. Everything! The new dual layer protects against leaks and tears and have odor shield.

Game Day party tips & tricks

Game Day party tips & tricks

Game Day party tips & tricks


While you are grabbing your cups, napkins and cups – look for the Glad ForceFlex Plus Advanced Protection trash bags on an end cap in the same area of your Target store. It is Glad’s best bag ever.


Photos by Sara Albers.

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  • NameMelissaJanuary 25, 2018 at 10:44 am

    These are great tips!! I love the rolling bar cart idea for food. Genius!

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