Apr 5 2020
A Little Bit of Everything
Post by melissa fenlon

Hope all of you are hanging in there during this time. We are on week four of Stay Home in Crested Butte. Our communities in Gunnison County have been experiencing intense times as our county is an early epicenter for COVID-19. But through incredible leadership, good decisions have been made that have essentially closed off our county to tourists. These actions are helping to control the spread of the virus, but we have to keep up on our actions. 

Through these weeks, the girls (kindergarten and fifth grade) have actually acclimated really well to distance learning. There was some definite grief this week as our school district announced we would not go back on site for the rest of the school year. But as we ride the highs and lows of this time at home and new normal, we’re feeling blessed for all of the family time and trying to find peace in the times of quiet. 

I wanted to share some of my favorite reads, movies, podcasts and projects that have been bringing me hope, bringing me escape and joy. Hope you all are well. – Melissa

How to Hope.

13 Uplifting Documentaries to watch.

Cheryl Strayed’s new podcast is beautiful.

That’s the Way that the World Goes Round.

Cultivating creativity in your kids.

Keep listening to Leon Bridges.

Joining the sourdough train.

Some things the girls are loving: paint sticks, painting windows, weaving, playing for hours with Legos, the Kids Book of Paper Love, and writing books on StoryBird. And be sure to check if your local library is connected to Hoopla, a great free resource for online books, etc.


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