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What a week it has been. My husband, Ty went to Cabo last weekend with a dozen other guys. They had quite the adventure. Hurricane Odile slammed into Cabo Sunday night. Ty said it felt like a war zone. Everything is severely damaged or destroyed. There was a military evacuation that started on Tuesday. No power, water, phone service. I received a call from Ty on Tuesday night from Mexico City. He arrived in San Francisco Wednesday. So thankful. It is so wonderful to have my family all together. Now our thoughts are with the locals in Cabo.

Hope you guys have a fun and safe weekend. Here’s some of our favorite links from the week.

Raising a kind daughter.

Delightful cops.

Way to go Toms and Target!

Ten lessons learned and shared.

I want this cake at my birthday.

A healthy meal must.

Loved working on this with Liz this week.

Photo by Sara Albers. All rights reserved. 

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