Jan 13 2014
Our Pop Pop, Our Hero
Post by melissa fenlon


He was creative. He was kind. He was thoughtful. He was fun. He was our Pop Pop, the perfect grandfather. As children, he celebrated our childhood. Never tiring of our antics, he joined in on the fun, or started it himself. He had the ability to make you feel incredibly special. We’ll never forget pulling up to our grandparents’ house in Ohio for a visit. We remember the excitement all four of us kids felt as we drove up the long drive. What would Pop Pop have ready for us? A treasure hunt complete with a hand drawn treasure map with Tootsie Rolls as the prize? Along with the games he had dreamt up, his excitement to see us was what we can still feel. The memories of his huge smile each time he saw the four of us kids will be something we carry in our hearts and souls forever.

Our little brother said it best this past weekend as we celebrated the life of our Pop Pop who was one month shy of his 97th birthday. He truly was one of the most authentically kind and genuine men to have walked this earth. We are all lucky to have some of that kindness inside our hearts. Our Pop Pop lived life to the fullest. He spread kindness to all those that he met. He made friends everywhere he went.  And he loved his family most of all, with all of his heart.

Although our hearts are heavy with sadness that the patriarch of our dad’s family is gone, we know that our Pop Pop was one of the lucky ones. He lived a happy, healthy life, waking up each morning with a smile… for 96, almost 97 years.

–Melissa and Sara

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