Nov 1 2014
A Little Bit of Everything
Post by melissa fenlon

dinosaur costume made out of cardboard boxespost by Melissa

Hope everyone had a fabulous Halloween. I’d say Halloween was a success at our house. The weather was unseasonably warm for us in Crested Butte. We usually get ice cold temps and snow, but this year the kids could go jacket free for the annual kids parade down Elk Avenue. Our cousins in Indiana were the ones who were freezing this year!

This is my favorite picture above from yesterday. See more pics from Halloween on Instagram. Alex made this dinosaur costume an hour before the parade. I found the tutorial here. (Thanks Hello Wonderful!) We’ve gathered up some of our favorite finds from this past week. Enjoy!

Seems like a good weekend to try these tacos.

Why some people like scary movies, and others don’t.

THE wrap dress.

When to use a comma.

Six decisions you’ll never regret making.

The human behind Humans of NY.

The most gorgeous mango cake.

Oh, yellow new OK GO video.

And the new Between Two Ferns classic.

Want to try this origami project.

Baby shoe crush.

Pumpkin pancakes with chocolate chips... yes, please.

Pin of the Week.

photo by Melissa Fenlon. all rights reserved.



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