Jul 22 2013
DIY Project – Freezer paper stencil
Post by sara albers

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Some of my dearest friends had a sweet baby girl last week. For years we have been spending summer vacation with them in Lake Tahoe. So, I had to share a little Tahoe love with their new baby. Here is how I did it……

Supplies: Freezer paper, fabric paint, sponge brushes, pencil, iron, design/copy of design to stencil, scissors/X-acto knife, baby onsie


– Find an image that you would like to stencil onto shirt. You can re-size on computer if necessary. Print the image. You can also free hand the design that you want.

– Trace the image on the rough side of freezer paper.

– Cut out the center of the stencil. I used a small pair of scissors but you can also use an X-acto knife.

– Iron the paper, shiny side down, onto the fabric. Iron another piece onto the back side of the fabric you are stenciling so paint will not run through.

– Use a sponge brush, apply fabric paint to the inside and cut away areas of the stencil.

– Let the paint dry (you can use a cool air hair dryer if you are not patient!), then peel away the paper. Follow the paint instructions for heat set. Be sure the paint is dry before heat setting.



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  • Connie BowlandOctober 27, 2015 at 9:10 pm

    I love this! how did you get the red heart on the lake? It looks like pure red ( instead of a darker red with the blue being underneath). Will any fabric paint work/ Great job! I live here and would love to make this!

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