Oct 15 2014
Fall Wellness
Post by sara albers

UP24 Fall Wellness // alice & lois

Its been a month since we decided to prioritize ourselves and our health. We partnered with Jawbone to try out their UP24 fitness-tracking device that tracked our daily steps, calories burned and sleep.

Many of us live extremely busy lives and its easy as mothers to put our wellness at the bottom of the list. Well this past month we pushed ourselves to create enough time in our days to get some exercise and eat better.

Well, we accomplished these goals. We both found ourselves making healthier decisions. For instance, instead of driving around town running errands, it was better to walk those errands. The band tracked your steps and the app sends you alerts as your reach your daily steps goal. I found the more I walked each day the better I slept.  UP24 can even track your sleep. The app shows how long you slept and the quality of your sleep. Amazing. We both found that wearing the bracelet was an encouraging reminder to take time to keep moving. It felt so amazing to beat our step goal each day!

Melissa’s thoughts:

–       I loved how we could track one another’s step progress. We had a playful competition going each day. Very motivating!

–       I incorporated a better yoga home practice.

–       I loved the water tracking option in the app. Living at almost 9000 ft its important to stay hydrated, which is a place I fall behind. But by hitting the little water icon after each glass of water – I was motivated to reach my goal.

–       The band did make me more accountable. The alert messages helped me prioritize my fitness.

UP24 Fall Wellness // alice & lois

Sara’s thoughts:

–       I prioritized my fitness and exercising. I began to “allow” myself to walk and hike twice as long. This felt great! Before I had squeezed in my exercise in my busy schedule. Now I am putting myself first!

–       I created a better yoga home practice. Thank you Laurie for the wonderful tips!

–       I made plans weekly with a friend to exercise together. We are holding each other accountable.

–       The band truly is a visible reminder to stay active. Luckily living in the city and walking the hills everyday keeps me active. I have to admit, it was fun to know that Melissa would see my step results as well as myself. The day I hit 22,000 steps felt amazing!

We are passionate about continuing to prioritize our wellness.

What are your tips or best practices on prioritizing your wellness? Do you wear a tracking band? What do you like best about it?

We would love to hear from you!

– Sara & Melissa

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Photos by Alex Fenlon and Heather Rothert. All rights reserved.

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