Jun 2 2016
Favorite DIY Shibori Projects
Post by melissa fenlon

Some of the best DIY Shibori Indigo Projects to try at home.

We’ve been obsessed with indigo shibori dyeing for a couple of years. Each summer, we’ve been creating DIY shibori projects like our dish towels, scarves and pillows.

If you’ve never tried the shibori dyeing technique, you really have to give it a try. We’ll warn you now though, it’s pretty addicting. From the intricate patterns, to the deep blue of the indigo to the magic that unfolds as open up the fabric and the color oxidizes.

We have more DIY shibori projects in store for you guys this summer, but in the meantime, we wanted to share some of our favorite indigo DIYs that inspire us.

What is shibori? 

Shibori is the Japanese method of binding and folding fabric to create patterns when dyeing fabric. 

Favorite DIY Shibori Projects

Read more for our favorite DIY shibori projects below….Try making this gorgeous DIY Shibori Wall Hanging

  1. Shibori Wall Hanging

Adding color to your wall using textiles can be such a bold statement. So when you add indigo dyed textile fabric as wall art it is something beautiful! 

Make these gorgeous shibori indigo dyed pillows.

2. Shibori Indigo Dyed Pillows

Creating your very own designs on fabric using the shibori method is so rewarding. You create one of a kind designs from dye and folding techniques. 

Sweet Paul's DIY Shibori Lunch Bags

3. Sweet Paul’s Shibori Lunch Bags

How cute and original are these lunch bags? We just adore them! 

Favorite Shibori Indigo projects to try at home!

4. Say Yes Shibori Picnic Blanket

Doesn’t this picnic blanket almost look hand painted? Sara helped Liz create this gorgeous indigo shibori picnic blanket. 

Favorite Shibori Indigo DIY Projects to try at home.

5. Lovely Indeed’s Shibori Placemat

How pretty are these placemats?! 

Favorite Shibori Indigo DIY Projects to try at home.

6. Shibori Pillowcases from eHow

More pillow cases to show off the indigo dye!

Favorite DIY Shibori Projects to try at home.

7. Elle’s DIY Shibori Dyed Dress

Wow, we would wear this dress in a heartbeat!

Favorite Shibori Indigo Dyeing Projects to try at home.

8. Shibori Dish Towels

Everyday dishtowels using indigo dye would look wonderful in any kitchen! Did you also know we sell indigo dyed dishtowels in our shop

Favorite Shibori Indigo DIY projects to try at home.

9. Shibori Indigo Dyed Scarf

Add some color and pattern to any outfit with this DIY scarf!

Favorite Shibori DIY projects to try at home!

10. Honest to Nod’s DIY Shibori Bedding

How sweet is this bedding?! 




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