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a little bit of everything

Harper and I are learning some new weaving techniques together with her loom. Last year in school, she learned loom weaving from her second grade teacher who is a master! I love learning from my 9-year old! Melissa and I are heading to Scottsdale this weekend for a few days in the sun to celebrate our birthday together and to spend some quality time in person planning for our 2017 goals for our site. Do you have any favorite restaurants, shops, museums or hikes we shouldn’t miss? Please let us know! Hope you have a wonderful week. Enjoy some of our favorite links from the past week.

The Instant Pot success?

The ongoing stereotype.

Ted Talks for bridging cultural differences.

Could these balloons be any cuter?

Making a bunch of these bags!

Another way to use printable Valentines.

Pin of the week.

Looking for a new floor lamp, thinking of this one, or this, maybe this

Loving this jewelry box.

Photo by Sara Albers.

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