5 best gray paint colors

5 best gray paint colors on aliceandlois.comGoing gray on interior walls is still the go-to color choice for people who want a more modern, but warm feel in their homes. But how do you figure out the best gray color? I asked my good friend Kim Raines who owns Mountain Color Paint and Design in Crested Butte what her favorite gray paint colors are.

Warm, lighter grays – Kim pointed out that the trend is still modern for overall wall color. Yellow and beige were the trends, but now it’s gray tones. “By using a gray, your house looks like it was built this year, not ten years ago.”

So if you’re looking for a neutral gray to paint on all your walls, these two are sure hits. I can say I wish I would have used one of these on my walls.

Pashmina – Gives you just enough color on the wall. It’s a true gray that doesn’t go blue or green.

Revere – An almost white color with the perfect hint of gray.

Dark grays – These grays, part of the charcoal family look great with white trim. You need a strong contrast for these to work, Kim says. But they would also work fantastically on kitchen or bathroom cabinets. I know I would love that!

Chelsea – This is Kim’s favorite go to for darker grays. A real standout.

Sparrow – A good choice for a room where you want to make a statement. Any contrasting color works with this.

Dolphin – Beautiful choice for kitchen cabinets.

–Melissa5 best gray paint colors to choose from on aliceandlois.comall images by Melissa, copyright alice & lois

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  1. Yes! You totally nailed it! I love EVERY single one of those grays. In fact, I just blogged today about one of my personal favorites, Sparrow. You go girls! Keep up the good work! -Christy

      1. What do you think about using Sparrow as the accent wall with Revere Pewter? We are painting all of our main living area with Revere Pewter but would like to do some accent walls.

  2. Revere Pewter is a brown gray. It will look more taupe than gray. Just speaking for experience.
    I painted my daughters room Dolphin Gray. It is more of a military gray. Think Nave Academy Uniforms. Pretty color but dark.

  3. we are building a house and would like to paint the exterior a dark grey on the body wIth a darker grey on the Shake dormers and white trim. Any suggestions?

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