May 16 2014
A little bit of everything
Post by sara albers

a little bit of everything // aliceandlois.comThe temperature in San Francisco has been crazy this week….. in the low 90’s. Wow! We are welcoming the cooler weather (in the 70’s) today. We spent so much time as a family enjoying our deck. This week has shown the true difference in the two places that Melissa and I call home. Crested Butte had snow!

We both had wonderful Mother’s Day weekends. Calla’s dance recital was fantastic! We went camping in Marin with another family.  My friend Heather brought solar powered cafe lights for the camp site – amazing! She has such great taste in design (her home and camping)! Now every camping trip will not be complete without the lights. I wish I had a picture to share….

Melissa is prepping for Calla’s 5th birthday party this weekend. It is hard to believe she can really be turning 5…….and hard to believe she lost her first tooth yesterday!

Cheers to a great weekend! And Happy Birthday Calla!

– Sara

Here are some of our favorite finds this week:

Lights to make your campsite amazing 

Cute farm finger puppets for the littles

A new book that answers the questions that stump so many of us

Such a lovely way to show us how we are really supposed to set the table

What a cute suit

I am obsessed with these handmade lemon stamps  (so much fun to make)
(iPhone photo by Sara Albers for alice & lois design studios. All rights reserved.

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