Jan 8 2016
A Little Bit of Everything
Post by melissa fenlon

Painting setup with a toddler

(image from alice & lois instagram)

We made it to Friday! This week was a little exhausting trying to get back into the regular weekly grind. Christmas break was fabulous family time in the Midwest. But now we’re all trying to get back in the groove. I’ve set some goals for myself this new year and one of them is to take time in the mornings after Calla goes off to school to do some art or music activities with Poppy before our day gets going. This morning we got both the watercolors and tempura paints out and took turn painting on the same paper. “Now it’s your turn, Mama,” she kept saying. It feels good to have this time and relax before we’re rushing around.

Hope you all are getting re-engerized as this new year starts. I certainly love putting together these Friday (sometimes Saturday) A Little Bit of Everything posts for you guys. Hope you enjoy them, too! –Melissa

My mantra for 2016: Simplify. It’s the healthiest way to live.

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Always listen to your mother. The guys behind Life is Good did.

Thank you to the New York Public Library for making 180,000 images available to the public. I could spend hours and hours and hours looking through the collection.

Absolutely smitten with the new Oh Joy collection for Target.

Damask Love hit it out of the park with this Calendar of Ridiculous Holidays!

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Have any of you guys tried the Whole30 eating plan? I’ve been doing a little recipe research…

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Digging these ankle boots.

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Pin of the week.

photo by Melissa Fenlon. All rights reserved.

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