Apr 15 2017
A Little Bit of Everything
Post by melissa fenlon

Indigo Marbled Easter Eggs

Sara and I had one of those days yesterday that we’ll remember forever. The kind of day that you say “pinch me” all day long. A team from Better Homes and Gardens arrived at Sara’s San Francisco flat for a day of shooting a project we did for one of their upcoming issues. We’ll keep you posted on when it comes out! To top off our dream day, we went to see Hamilton, yes Hamilton! It was absolutely amazing. If you have the chance to see it, you must go.

We wish you all a wonderful Easter weekend. Enjoy some of our favorite links from the week. –Melissa

Some of my favorite moments from the Letterman show included his mom.

Four lessons about happiness.

A great list of documentaries to stream right now.

How many of these brands do you remember?

Make a statement with these
We heart this rug.
This would make my plants so happy.
Can’t wait to try this jewelry DIY project!
This is our favorite last minute egg decorating trick – indigo blue nail polish marbling!
Photo by Sara Albers.

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