DIY Air Plant Hanging

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I was visiting my local gardening store last week and found myself stuck in the air plant area. I just couldn’t leave the store without some new air plants. I went with these tiny treasures. I wanted to create a hanging piece for my kitchen so I grabbed three small air plants and some living moss. I knew I had a piece of decorative kiwi branch at home. This DIY is quick to make and leaves a big impact with design. Read more for the full tutorial.

supplies //

Supplies: Air Plants // moss // branch or vine // wire // hot glue gun // twine or string


Step 1. Determine where you want to hang your piece – and how long you want it to hang. Wrap the ends of string on each end of branch.

Step 2. Tie in a tight knot on the back side of branch.

Step 3. Wrap thin wire around the back of the air plants.

Step 4. Wrap the wire on the section of the branch to attach the plants.

Step 5. Add some hot glue to the branch (not on the air plant) to attach the moss. The moss I used was still alive. It will change to a brown color once it dries.

air plant hanging // aliceandlois.comEnjoy this plant tutorial. I love how it looks in my kitchen!

Check out this post for air plant care tips.

– Sara

photos by Sara Albers for alice & lois design studios. all rights reserved.

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