Apr 20 2017
DIY Embroidered Sunhat
Post by sara albers

DIY Embroidered Sunhat

Give us a $10 sunhat and some embroidery thread and we’ve got ourselves our new favorite hat for the beach! Oh yeah, and this makes a perfect Mother’s Day gift for your mama! We made this hat for our latest DIY video on the Darby Smart App. Some of our favorite DIYs are the simple ones that can be designed multiple ways. We opted for a simple “X” pattern on the hat but you could do anything! You could stitch horizontal or vertical lines, french knots, the list goes on and on. See how we made this DIY Embroidered Sunhat.



Embroidery thread

Embroidery needle



  1. Determine which pattern you want to create on the hat. I made an “X” pattern.
  2. Thread two strands of embroidery floss onto a an embroidery needle. Tie the ends together.
  3. Start by pulling the needle and thread through the inside of hat so knotted end is on the inside.
  4. Create an “X” by pushing and pulling needle through the hat. Tie off when complete.

DIY Embroidered Sunhat

DIY Embroidered Sunhat

Check out our DIY video here:

DIY Embroidered Sunhat

Photos and video by Sara Albers.

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