DIY Wrapped Clay Mirror Tray

We love the look of natural clay mixed with metal or wood in craft projects. Check out this DIY Wrapped Clay Mirror Tray today!

Wrapped Clay Mirror Tray on table

Are you ever looking for a new center piece for your table? Something unique and a bit modern? Well, we have a cool DIY project that fits the bill. 

We made this DIY Wrapped Clay Mirror Tray using simple materials from the craft store or amazon. You will feel like a kid again playing with clay! 

DIY Wrapped Clay Mirror Tray Supplies

Terra Cotta color air dry clay

Circle mirror

Wood balls

E600 glue

Have you used air dry clay for a project before? if not, you will quickly fall in love with it. We have made platters and enamel look alike bowls with this medium and absolutely love it! 

What is air dry clay?

Air dry clay does not have to be heated, unlike traditional clays. No need for a kiln! Air dry clay just needs room temperature air to dry. And once the clay is dry, you can paint it! It can be rolled out, shaped, stamped and more. 

Our favorite brand is DAS air dry clay. It is smooth and so easy to use. 

How to make this DIY Wrapped Clay Mirror Tray

You can find the full tutorial we wrote on this DIY Wrapped Clay Mirror Tray over on hunker.com.





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