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DIY Seed Bead Necklace // aliceandlois.compost by Sara

I have a favorite long beaded necklace that I wear too often. My friends and family know what necklace I am talking about (ha)! Back in high school I had a “bead phase” and loved making jewelry. I dug deep and found that jewelry making girl inside and made a new long bead necklace for myself. I made a modern color-blocking necklace using sweet little gold beads and two different blue hues in medium size beads. You may remember my tassel necklace and turquoise necklace I made for mother’s day.

Read more for the full tutorial.

supplies DIY seed bead necklace //

Supplies: small gold seed beads // turquoise and royal blue medium beads // beading thread // beading needles (collapsible eye needles) // craft glue

DIY seed bead necklace steps

Step 1: Cut beading thread (no-stretch nylon thread) to 33 inches. Knot one end leaving 1.5 inches of thread. Next thread needle. Add gold beads through needle. You can string them using your fingers or using a small glass bowl and push the needle through the beads against the bottom of bowl.

Step 2: Add medium size seed beads for decorative color blocking look.

Step 3: Tie a double knot tight.

Step 4: Use craft glue to secure the knot. I used E6000.


DIY seed bead necklace main-1

I love the simplicity of this necklace. And I absolutely love how easy these are to make. This necklace probably cost no more than $2.50 to make! With all the left over supplies I plan on making many more to wear along with this one. Enjoy!

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  1. Hi thanks for sharing this diy post
    Love it
    Gonna start do it tonight for my 1st diy bracelet
    Now go get some favourite beads colour mix

    Phoebe from Malaysia

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