The New Project Kid: Crafts That Go Book

Project Kid: Crafts That Go Book

If you are looking for a go-to kid’s craft book we have found it! Project Kid: Crafts That Go by Amanda Kingloff is the perfect kid’s craft book with simple step-by-step instructions. And the supply lists are made up of things that you might already have around the house and basic crater tools (like a hot glue gun, tape, scissors and paint). The book has sixty imaginative projects that fly, sail, race and dive! This book will be a perfect gift for families this holiday season. Amanda shows how to make a circus train, an ice cream truck, a basket sailboat, an underwater puppet theatre, an airplane control tower and more!

We met Amanda at ALT Summit a few years ago. We are so inspired by her creativity! Amanda says, “I’m so proud of this book…it encourages the same concepts and values from my first book (make things you can keep and use, craft with what you have, unplug with your kids), but really hones in on a child’s love of things that go (we all remember Richard Scarry’s book, yes?). Think yarn-ball helicopters, Shrinky Dink driver’s licenses, a Nerf-ball submarine, and a train track growth chart.”

Thanks, Amanda for your creative inspiration! Your books are a go-to for family craft time in our house!

Project Kid: Crafts That Go Book

Project Kid: Crafts That Go Book

Photos by Sara Albers

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