Nov 19 2014
Thanksgiving Kids Activity – Cootie Catchers
Post by sara albers

thanksgiving kids craft cootie catcher



post by Sara

We like to set up some kid’s activities on Thanksgiving Day. This seems to get them even more excited about being at the kids only table. This year we are having the kids make Cootie Catchers (flashbacks from grade school)! Am I really aging myself by calling them Cootie Catchers, not Fortune Tellers?! This activity is a wonderful way to get the kids involved with all of the relatives. When they write the silly things on the inside of the Cootie Catcher have them include something to do with Aunt Molly or Uncle Chris – everyone can be a part of the game!

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Supplies: paper // scissors // markers or colored pencils // washi tape


Step 1: Fold corner over to other side of paper to create a square.

Step 2: Cut the extra paper to have a square.

Step 3: Now you have a perfect square.

Step 4: Now fold each corner to opposite corner to get an “X” crease in center.

Step 5: Fold all corners to the center of the “X”.

Step 6: Now it will look like this.

Step 7: Now turn your paper over so the folds are on the bottom.

Step 8: Fold all the corners to the center.

Step 9: Paper should look like this. Fold the cootie catcher in half both ways.

Step 10: Insert fingers into bottom tabs!

Step 11: You can add color or wash tape to the outside quadrants. Open flat and write numbers on the inside triangles. Flip up the numbered areas and write funny things for kids to do on the inside!

Step 12: The kids will have fun with this fun activity on Thanksgiving day!




Photos by Sara Albers. Assisted by Mia Gale. All rights reserved.

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